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Emerald Eyes | Color Series |Makeup Tutorial

I'm going green this week with my color series makeup tutorial this week. It's also a talk through video as well. Hope you enjoy it! ------> Click Here For the Video <------ Things I talked about in the video Anchor My Only Love Story Goblin Cheese in the Trap Gong Yoo Kim Go-Eun

2017 · Beauty · YouTube

Cookie Monzter|Color Series|Makeup Tut

I'm still chugging along with my color series makeup tutorials. The latest one being blue. A list of all products used is in the description box in the video as well as other information. Unfortunately, the lipsticks that used are discontinued. But, where there's a dupe there's a way! I hope you really enjoy the… Continue reading Cookie Monzter|Color Series|Makeup Tut

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Pinky Red Makeup Look|Color Series

While I uploaded the video in time for it to be ready at the regular time of noon. I did not remember to charge my laptop to make sure it would be charging while the video uploaded. I attempted to run some errands that didn't pan out to well only to find out that my… Continue reading Pinky Red Makeup Look|Color Series

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Concrete & Aluminum| A Makeup Tut

https://youtu.be/HBPlNIOj-iM Today's color look was gray! I hope you enjoy the video. Still getting together my filming set up. As always all links to products used are listed in the video! Enjoy your day! Ashley