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Pandora has an alarm clock

The other day at work while working away and mind my own damn business. My alarm clock went off. I fervently grabbed for it to turn off my station at the moment. Hit's from the 60's, 70's and 80's. I think the Temptations started playing. While I have been using this as my primary alarm… Continue reading Pandora has an alarm clock

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Video of the Day Linkin Park – Numb

https://youtu.be/kXYiU_JCYtU Today was an unexpected tragedy. After fighting off his demon's I was looking forward to the new music and tour by Linkin Park. It just make you realize you never know how people are really doing, or what they are really dealing with. Let try to be more aware of our friends and family… Continue reading Video of the Day Linkin Park – Numb

2017 · Health · Life

First Week Pics

So if you read my earlier Blog post where I talked about getting serious about weight loss. You'll remember I mentioned if I was going to post pictures or not. Well I decided that I would. I was going to post the current measurements also. But, thought that would be to confusing. So Here are… Continue reading First Week Pics

2017 · Health · Life

Getting My Fat Ass Together

So I've tried to get my act together several times. But I can never grasp that motivation that I use to have a few years ago with working out and eating healthy. I've been doing a little better since I live by myself and I don't have the luxury to go out to eat all… Continue reading Getting My Fat Ass Together