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Video of the Day | M.I.A – Bad Girls

https://youtu.be/3Yuqxl284cg M.I.A or Mathangi Arulpragasam is dope ass musical artist from Sri Lanka. She became more well know in the USA with "Paper Planes" the sound was on the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack which was also a great movie, and I also suggest you check  that out. Along with other tunes from MIA. Links below are affiliate… Continue reading Video of the Day | M.I.A – Bad Girls

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Video of the Day Linkin Park – Numb

https://youtu.be/kXYiU_JCYtU Today was an unexpected tragedy. After fighting off his demon's I was looking forward to the new music and tour by Linkin Park. It just make you realize you never know how people are really doing, or what they are really dealing with. Let try to be more aware of our friends and family… Continue reading Video of the Day Linkin Park – Numb

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Emerald Eyes | Color Series |Makeup Tutorial

I'm going green this week with my color series makeup tutorial this week. It's also a talk through video as well. Hope you enjoy it! ------> Click Here For the Video <------ Things I talked about in the video Anchor My Only Love Story Goblin Cheese in the Trap Gong Yoo Kim Go-Eun

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Cookie Monzter|Color Series|Makeup Tut

I'm still chugging along with my color series makeup tutorials. The latest one being blue. A list of all products used is in the description box in the video as well as other information. Unfortunately, the lipsticks that used are discontinued. But, where there's a dupe there's a way! I hope you really enjoy the… Continue reading Cookie Monzter|Color Series|Makeup Tut

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Pinky Red Makeup Look|Color Series

While I uploaded the video in time for it to be ready at the regular time of noon. I did not remember to charge my laptop to make sure it would be charging while the video uploaded. I attempted to run some errands that didn't pan out to well only to find out that my… Continue reading Pinky Red Makeup Look|Color Series